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Anthropology Report connects people searching for “What is Anthropology?” to real anthropology and real anthropologists. It compiles fresh and best updates from anthropology with public relevance. With the generous support of donors, Anthropology Report is one of the most “liked” anthropology blogs in the world. It is also one of the most international blogs in the world.

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Every month over one million people search for anthropology and consult Google to ask “What is Anthropology?” And every month, anthropologists produce great anthropology blog entries, publish wonderful anthropology journal articles, and write editorials. Anthropologists appear in the news, teach great classes, and make a difference.

Anthropology Report bridges the disconnect between the top 10 search results for anthropology and What is anthropology? and the best material by real anthropologists. Too many of the top results are irrelevant or do not lead directly to the great material.

Anthropology Report makes that connection. It highlights the best and most recent updates from anthropology blogs, journals, books, and fresh news from real anthropologists. Google is now prioritizing freshness and frequent updates. Although anthropology bloggers and researchers typically work on a more thoughtful and slower time-cycle, a collective but edited selection can make a difference.

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