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Pinterest Anthropology

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Pinterest AnthropologyInspired by Angela K VandenBroek recent post, Identity Making with Pinterest, I signed up for a Pinterest account. Honestly, I don’t understand the interest in Pinterest, but rumor is that Pinterest is very helpful for getting noticed, especially by search engines–that is, even if you are not actively using Pinterest, having a board there can help people find your traditional website material.

Doing a search for “anthropology” on Pinterest is at the moment very predictable: it’s all about clothes.

Since Anthropology Report is about getting real anthropology out there, I’ve created several Pinterest Anthropology boards, one that highlights the 12 Best Anthropology Blogs as determined by the December 2011 reader survey; another is a blogroll of my favorite 2012 anthropology blogs; and I also put up some links to statements on What is Anthropology?

Please let me know if you see any edits or would like your blog to have a different image. Trying to pin up anthropology blogs made me realize how many–including my own–lack a consistent image that can be associated with the site.

My own Pinterest anthropology boards are all pretty dull, but I’m hoping this might inspire more visual and image-oriented anthropologists to put up more interesting material. People may never come to Pinterest searching for anthropology, but it may be a helpful outreach venue for anthropology, and it seems to currently be an almost completely open field.

Update: I did not think I would write a Part 2 for Pinterest Anthropology, but there it is.

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