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Marcel Mauss - The GiftFirst, Pétition POUR LA PROMOTION DE L’ETHNOLOGIE. Via anthropologist John Thiels on Facebook who writes: “Anthropology in danger, this time in France and not Florida. Ethnology/anthropology has been dropped from the list of approved majors, and this petition is calling on its reinstatement. Also as a point of ethnographic comparison it is interesting how it mentions Mauss and the major themes of French anthropology, that it produces enlightened citizens, etc.”

Then some relatively out of the way anthropology links. Sub-theme is the attempt to announce that racism is all in the past, in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court striking down the Voting Rights Act: See the AAA Releases Statement on US Supreme Court Ruling on Voting Rights Act.

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  1. Opaque Zones of Empire.
  2. On Slave and Tenant Quarters and the Importance of Naming.
  3. Anthropology Museum views slavery from lens of Underground Railroad archaeological study.
  4. Imaginaries of Racism.
  5. Medical anthropology: How culture influences the experience of illness.
  6. Interview: Dr. Joe Watkins of the National Park Service.
  7. Is Curious George a Monkey or an Ape?
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