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Anthropology Links: Golub, Clancy, Mullins, Fuentes, Weiss

Mullins - Archaeology of Consumer CultureFeatured book is The Archaeology of Consumer Culture by Paul Mullins.

  1. Alex Golub’s full review–Anthropology, Footnoted: Jared Diamond’s The World Until Yesterday–is up and well worth a read. Added to Anthropology on Jared Diamond – The World Until Yesterday.
  2. “I had no power to say ‘that’s not okay:’” Reports of harassment and abuse in the field. Kate Clancy.
  3. Commodifying Conception: The Material Culture of Sperm Banks. Paul Mullins.
  4. Size Matters, or Does It? Agustin Fuentes.
  5. A lesson on lessening, from economics. Ken Weiss: “In the case of recent economics, hugely negative effects have resulted, because politicians bought into convenient ideas, in part citing this influential ‘research’ in their support. The word’s in quotes because it’s treated by the public, politicians, and scientists as if it were the same as gospel. But who knows how many thousands–or millions–of people lost homes or jobs, were driven into crime, disease, divorce or despair and the like, or even died because of lost access to affordable medical care, because government policy did not come to their rescue–because of a polarized commitment to some preconception?” Ideas very much related to a Black Swan Anthropology.
  6. 2013 AAA Elections Going on Now.
  7. Anthropology Resource. Website under construction sent to me by an international anthropology student. Seeking advice and promotion, feedback welcome.


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  • sayed

    Great Initiative

    •!/JasonAntrosio Jason Antrosio

      Hi Sayed, thank you and if you are looking for suggestions on how to develop your Anthropology Resource you might look back at other examples from the Anthropology Blogosphere and I have some other ideas at Black Swan Anthropology. There are a lot of possibilities, and can experiment to find out what works. Also, blogs evolve!