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Facebook AnthropologyThere is quite a lot of anthropology posted on Facebook. Anthropology Report uses Facebook mostly as a mirror for the blog. Others have interest groups which can feature vibrant comment streams and in-depth conversations–check out BioAnthropology News, the Neuroanthropology Interest Group, and the recently re-formulated Anthropology Now.

Two of the best anthropology bloggers in the business, Daniel Lende and Greg Downey, have just set up a new Neuroanthropology on Facebook. In a blog-post, Lende says it will be Shorter Posts, More Fun.

Inspired by all this Facebook Anthropology, I’ve scanned through the big list of anthropology blogs and put below those that have Facebook links to their anthropology pages or feature personal Facebook page links. Please let me know what I’m missing! That’s a lot of Facebook Anthropology–You Like This.

AAA – American Anthropological Association Blog
Founded in 1902, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) is the world’s largest organization of individuals interested in anthropology.

ALLA (Association of Latina/Latino Anthropologists)
ALLA fosters critical research, teaching, mentorship, and scholarly exchange on the experiences of Latinas & Latinos (broadly defined).

Anthro Doula
Thoughts on Birth and Culture.

Anthropologists for Justice and Peace
Anthropologists for Justice and Peace (AJP) stand opposed to the uses of anthropology in the service of the national security state, as we oppose the engagement of anthropologists in imperial wars of conquest and occupation.

Anthropology & Gerontology
This group will serve as a communications hub for the AAGE and the AAA Interest Group on Aging and the Life Course. You can visit Association for Anthropology and Gerontology for more information.

Anthropology and Environment Society
The Anthropology and Environment Society is a section of the American Anthropological Association.

Anthropology En Pointe
Are you a dancer interested in participating in networking or research?

Activities related to foster and practice anthropology.

Antrocom Onlus
Antrocom Onlus, ricerca e divulgazione antropologica / anthropological research and divulgation

Anthropology Now
Anthropology Now is a new magazine for readers interested in issues of culture and society. This group is for anthropologists interested in engaging and writing for a wide audience inside and outside the discipline. The magazine is built through your creativity and input. Please join the discussion on how we can best push the boundaries to bring anthropology to wider audiences.

Anthropology.net’s mission is to create a cohesive online community of individuals interested in anthropology.

This blog is a project of the Culture in Global Affairs (CIGA) research and policy program of the Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

ArchaeoBlog: Serving up old news (i.e., archaeology) since A.D. 2004!

Archaeology, Conservation and Curation
There is somewhat of a divide between archaeologists who excavate the artifacts and the conservators and curators who preserve the artifacts.

Bioanthropology News
This is a meeting place for those interested in biological anthropology. We’ll post interesting articles and various announcements to keep you tuned in to happenings in our subdiscipline.

Black Feminist Anthropology
This page focuses on Women Of Color’s contribution to the discipline, with a special emphasis on the past, current, and future work of women of the African Diaspora.

C L O S E R: Anthropology of Muslims in Europe
Martijn de Koning in 1997 graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as an anthropologist.

Cambio y Corto
Pagina de Josep M. Miró, antropólogo, emprendedor, educador, agitador y observador de buenas y malas prácticas sobre cooperación al desarrollo, emprendedores sociales, innovación y responsabilidad social.

the Culture Bomb
Est. to bomb you with culture. If you like to immerse yourself in cultural ‘spectroscopy’, then this page is for you.

Network of scholars interested in the ethnography of Cuba and its diaspora.

Ethnography Matters
Ethnography Matters is a place for conversation between academic and applied ethnography, for listening to and thinking about people’s stories, and for analysis and theory focused on the social patterns and contexts of technological (re)use, rejection and (re)construction.

Florida Anthropological Society
Florida’s Statewide Organization of Archaeology and Anthropology.

How to be an Anthropologist
When life hands you student loans and two degrees that no one understands, make some very creative lemonade.

Islam, Muslims, and an Anthropologist – Dr Marranci
Dr Gabriele Marranci is an anthropologist by training working on religion, identity, cognitive anthropology, political Islam, secularisation processes, criminology.

Language Log
Language Log is a group blog on language and linguistics started in the summer of 2003 by Mark Liberman and Geoffrey Pullum.

Linguistic Anthropology Blog
A group for linguistic anthropologists and lovers of questions of language and culture in general.

Living Anthropologically
The moral optimism of anthropology can change the world. Anthropology documents human possibility and creativity to effect change.

the Local is Possible
Work for people to restore local economy and reduce resource use. Perception, imagination and engagement to create local possibilities. Analysis, research, and mapping. Oneonta, New York: connecting to the world.

Loomnie: Africa, Economic Anthropology, Political Economy
Articles mostly about economic anthropology, finance, Africa, political economy, and related subjects. Olumide Abimbola has a BA in Communication from the University of Ibadan, and a Masters in Development Studies from Uppsala University. Abimbola recently defended an economic anthropology PhD dissertation at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and Martin-Luther University, both in Halle/Saale, Germany.

Making Anthropology Public: Everything Humanly Possible
We endeavor to popularize anthropology to help people understand the importance and use of anthropology in a career, society, and the lives of others. The world and history of the human race is our unit of analysis. We study EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

The Memory Bank
The two great memory banks are language and money. Exchange of meanings through language and of objects through money are now converging in a single network of communication, the internet.

The Mermaid’s Tale
The Mermaid’s Tale is a blog written by Ken Weiss, Anne Buchanan and Holly Dunsworth. We write about the nature of genetic causation, development, genetic epidemiology, paleoanthropology and other anthropological topics, and the general subject of science good and bad.

MSU Campus Archaeology Program Blog
The Campus Archaeology Program works in conjunction with various departments on campus to make sure that MSU acts as a good steward towards its material cultural resources.

The Naked Anthropologist
Laura Agustín is the Naked Anthropologist, author of Sex at the Margins, Zed Books 2007. She blogs regularly on migration, trafficking, prostitution policy, informal labour and the anthropology of sex.

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology
Founded in 1983 to promote the practice of anthropology and the interests of practicing anthropologists, and to further the practice of anthropology as a profession.

Daniel Lende and Greg Downey are the anthropologists behind Neuroanthropology.

Neuroanthropology Interest Group
The Neuroanthropology Interest Group is a forum for bringing together scholars and others from across disciplines interested in collaborating at the juncture that is neuroanthropology.

Occupy Anthropology
For thinking about anthropology’s role in understanding, responding to, and contributing to economic inequality. For promoting solidarity among all categories of faculty, practitioners, students and labor within and beyond higher education.

Open Anthropology Cooperative
Open Anthropology Cooperative is open to all with an interest in anthropology. Read, share, debate, collaborate, make friends.

Pakistan Anthropology Society
We gather here for a unique cause to promote anthropology & its concepts as well as realize its inevitable needs in this technological age.

Hot Buttered Humanity. PopAnth, or Popular Anthropology. What is it? How do we do it? What do we mean by it? In the most basic terms, PopAnth translates anthropological discoveries for popular consumption.

Powered by Osteons
Powered by Osteons is a blog about archaeology, bioanthropology, and the classical world. Written by Kristina Killgrove, this blog covers a wide range of topics in contemporary anthropology and science outreach.

Professione Antropologo
Sei antropologo dentro? Questa pagina è per te, che vuoi fare dell’antropologia un mestiere!

Savage Minds
Notes and Queries in Anthropology–A Group Blog

Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA)
The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) is a professional group for applied and practicing anthropologists.

Matthieu Sossoyan’s Anthropology Facebook community! All are welcome to join!

Struggle Forever! A Guide to Utopia
I’m a PhD student in anthropology at the University of Maryland, College Park. My focus is socio-cultural anthropology specializing in environmental anthropology. My areas of interest include environmental controversy, science and technology studies, post-constructivist theory, and activist research methods.

The Subversive Archaeologist
You know it. You know the story. You tell the whole damned world this is bear territory!

Then Dig
Then Dig is a group blog that centers on the archaeological short-form.

This is Anthropology
Students at University of South Florida respond to Gov. Rick Scott’s assertion that the state of Florida doesn’t need any more anthropologists.

UK Visual Anthropology: Audio-Visual Interventions @ The University of Kent
Towards a publicly engaged anthropology. This is the public page for the University of Kent Visual Anthropology programme. We are passionate about a publicly engaged anthropology and we see visual anthropology as central to better and wider communication of anthropological insights

Una antropóloga en la luna

Visual Anthropology of Japan
In the spirit of open-text, collaboration, communication and good anthropology… Visual Anthropology of Japan explores Japanese culture through photography, film and other visual methods.

Zero Anthropology
Zero Anthropology is about anthropology against and after empire. If it doesn’t disturb you, then it’s probably not anthropology. Our aim is to make anthropology toxic to power.

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