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It’s been too long since I’ve updated the big Anthropology Blogs 2013 list. Below are the additions, revisions, and new blogs, all added or revised back to the big list. Please let me know what I’m missing or got wrong! Also see the Anthropology Blogosphere 2013 post for a summary or grouping of anthropology blogs.

I should add that although I try to keep up with some archaeology blogs, if that is your thing you should go to the Archaeology Blogs Project to find 250+ blogs. If you are interested in adding your blog to the Academic Blog Project, see the links at Blogging: What is it Good For? And the American Anthropological Association is currently running a Social Media Survey.

Great to see the further growth of the anthropology blogosphere–as blogging veteran Daniel Lende powerfully comments, Anthropology: Growth and Relevance, Not Popularity.

Allegra: A Virtual Laboratory of Legal Anthropology
The site pushes the boundaries of scholarly representations of ‘the law’ in the broadest sense. In addition to viewing the law as a site of normative engagement, we examine its knowledge pratices, authority claims, notions of subjectivity and agency.

Anthrodesign – A conversation about ethnographic methods
We welcome new participants in an online community that has formed to talk about anthropology and design. Members are interested in the role of applied anthropology in the corporate, public sector, and medical contexts.

Anthropologizing – Amy L. Santee
Anthropologizing features a mixed-bag of posts on applied social research, business anthropology, design and user experience research, social observations, and other topics by Portland-based anthropologist and design researcher Amy L. Santee.
Anthropologizing moves onto a WordPress site from its previous home.

anthropology at home: or anywhere
Blog about doing anthropology at home. I’ll share my work in studying the economics of families and households, as well as thoughts and opinions on relevant topics in the social sciences and the world around me.

Anthropomics – Evolution, Anthropology, and Science
Jon Marks: Formerly a faux geneticist, now a faux historian, all the while an evolutionary anthropologist. Anthropomics is inspired by the three Georges: Gaylord Simpson, Carlin, and S. Kaufman.
Unfortunately it seems Marks was locked out of his original blogsite and has now opened this one for new posts.

Archaeogaming – Exploring the archaeology of (and in) video games
Archaeogaming is a blog dedicated to the discussion of the archaeology both of and in video games (console, computer, mobile). If a game uses archaeology in some way, we’ll discuss it here.

The Biocultural Evolution Blog
Our Intertwined Biological and Cultural Identity. An Interdisciplinary Blog about Biocultural Evolution – by Aaron Jonas Stutz

Bone Broke – Archaeology, Biological Anthropology & Grad School
PhD student in Anthropological Archaeology. Focus on bioarchaeology, which uses the methods of biological anthropology to answer archaeological questions.

Culture, Cognition, and Design – M. Howard Thomas
As an Experience-Design leader for General Motors, Michael Howard Thomas is an enthusiastic advocate for anthropologically informed approaches toward design and mobility.

Engaged Anthropology, Peacebuilding, Human Rights – Aldo Civico
Aldo Civico is the founder and director of The International Institute for Peace at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, where he is an assistant professor in anthropology.

Entomophagy Anthropology – Julie Lesnik, editor
Julie Lesnik received her PhD studying the role of termites in the diet of fossil hominins and has since started exploring insects as food more broadly.

Evolutionary Anthropology – E.O. Smith
Evolution is not a theory, it is a fact, and as such provides the most powerful tool to explain what goes on around us.

Genealogy of Religion – Explorations in Evolution, Anthropology and History
This blog covers the vast, interdisciplinary field of evolutionary religious studies. Cris Campbell holds advanced degrees in anthropology, philosophy, and law.

German Dziebel is an anthropologist trained in the Russian and American schools, and runs four blogs:

The Human Family – Kinship, social organization, & the study thereof
In exchange for your patience in letting me learn how to blog I will teach you something about kinship (and social organization, too!)

Lactation Journey Blog – Acquanda Y. Stanford
Acquanda Stanford: Is a Sociocultural Anthropologist (PhD Student), and writes the Lactation Journey Blog, which focuses on the social, political and cultural aspects of breatfeeding among people of the African Diaspora in the U.S.

Lawn Chair Anthropology – Biological anthropology, paeleontology, evolution and development
Zachary Cofran is an assistant professor of Biological Anthropology at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan. Cofran received his PhD in Anthropology from the University of Michigan in 2012.
Lawn Chair Anthropology has moved to WordPress and Cofran is now an assistant professor, not a graduate student. Congrats!

Leiden Anthropology Blog
The Leiden Anthropology Blog is written by scholars at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University. They blog about their research, teaching in the Bachelor and Master program, and share anthropological perspectives on a wide range of social issues.

The Narcissistic Anthropologist – Someone has to notice
We are all observers of our world to some degree or another. We all have an inner anthropologist looking around and learning and reacting to the curious bits of human culture.

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