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Anthropology SyllabusPlease consider sharing an anthropology syllabus at the Teaching Materials Exchange hosted by the American Anthropological Association. It can be a wonderful resource for anthropology syllabus sharing and getting new course ideas–but it would be great if more anthropologists post a syllabus!

For an excellent collection of anthropology-related links, see Somatosphere’s Mega web roundup. Below links are to a few recent blog-posts on teaching and anthropology. Yes, it’s that time of year.

Can College Students Resist The Lure Of Facebook, Twitter During Class?
Barbara J. King
So, students, help us college teachers out as we work hard to impart the material we love and as we learn along with you. During our 50- or 75-minute classes, or our three-hour seminars or labs, shut down the electronics unless invited to do otherwise. The collective classroom dynamic will change for the better!

Students and technology in the classroom
Personally, I encourage my students to use more technology in the classroom. I want them integrating my classroom material with their lives outside the classroom, and that means engaging their online lives. That’s one reason I engage the students with Twitter during class. But probably few instructors can effectively supervise a classroom that has so many student activities potentially going on. So I don’t advise other instructors to follow my approach, they must make decisions based on their own pedagogy.

John Hawks Weblog, 16 August 2012

Four Fields Introduction to Anthropology 2012, Jason Antrosio
Outline for a four fields Introduction to Anthropology, using Anthropology: What Does it Mean to be Human; Labor and Legality; and Applying Anthropology.

Living Anthropologically, 15 August 2012
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