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Update June 2013: Please see the follow-ups on Anthropologists Studying Immigration in the United States and Immigration Reform: Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

Anthropology on ImmigrationThere are signs of hope that the U.S. Senate is putting together a Better Immigration Bill. At the same time, the whole issue has become intertwined with that never-ending battle about the relation between race and IQ (thank you to Beatriz Reyes-Foster for the tweet alert).

The scenes take us back to Franz Boas and the foundations of academic anthropology in the United States. Immigration was supposed to be one of the key public issues for the American Anthropological Association in 2013, but I’m not seeing any updates since the General Statement on Immigration of 2011. The AAA General Statement is important, as it discusses anthropology’s history and obligations, but it was written in opposition to state-level laws and does not comment on current national legislation.

I have also not seen much in the anthropology blogosphere (let me know if I’m missing something!). Michael Scroggins is pursuing a related track with The Political Economy of IQ at, and Debra Lattanzi has been tracking immigration reform with pieces like Five Myths about the Immigration Line at Living Ethnography, but it would be nice to see more anthropology on the issues of immigration, nation, ethnicity, race, and IQ.

So this is a CFBP, a call for blog posts. I can put your work up as a guest post, promote it, or suggest another outlet in the anthropology blogosphere.

Here are some additional possible resources:

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