Anthropology Blogs - June 2014 Update

Anthropology Blogs Update – June 2014

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It’s been too long since the last entry, and I’ve been notified of some new anthropology blogs–or ones I had not known about. Thank you for the update–the anthropology blogs below are newly added and integrated with the previous big list of Anthropology Blogs 2014. And be sure to also check out Dick Powis at Savage Minds: his Around-the-Web Digests are excellent!

Anthropolitics – Anthropology, Politics and Human Security
Gerhard Hoffstaedter is a lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Queensland, and previously a research fellow with La Trobe University’s Institute for Human Security. Research focuses on development (especially the role of religion), multiculturalism, refugee politics, Islam in Southeast Asia and identity politics in Asia-Pacific.

We are Tarapuhi Bryers-Brown, Tayla Hancock and Hollie Russell and together we make up the Anthsisters. The blog is dedicated to anything and everything anthropology and student related. Although we specialise in Cultural Anthropology we are open to discussion concerning the other branches of Anthropology – Linguistics, Archaeology and Biology.

Boas Network – Broadening of Anthropology Spectrum
We are an information and entertainment forum providing the public a direct link to connect and enter the world of anthropology in an exciting and accessible way. For anthropologists, this is the place to showcase and promote your videos, knowledge and research to the mainstream.

Cool Anthropology – Cool, Credible, Concepts
This site is our burgeoning attempt to rectify our closed circle and provide current, well-research and reviewed, cool anthropological information for all the cool anthropology seekers out there.

Cultural Admixtures
This blog is about culture and psychoactive substances and includes thoughts on the politics, sensory dynamics, and social world of shamanism and alternative religion. Alex K. Gearin is doing PhD research in anthropology on Australian practices of the traditionally indigenous Amazonian psychoactive drink ayahuasca.

Fongoli Savanna Chimpanzee Project
Jill D. Pruetz is the principal investigator of the Fongoli Savanna Chimpanzee Project, the longest-running research study of its kind in Senegal, West Africa.

Harris Anthropology – Anthropology, Archaeology, History, General Science
If you think that Anthropology sounds fun, whether it be the biological or cultural, then feel free to follow this blog, where I’ll share loads of interesting Anthropological articles and insights.

Anthropology Blogs - June 2014 UpdateMeredith F. Small – Author of Fall Creek and Our Babies Ourselves
Meredith Small is an anthropologist at Cornell University and the author of Our Babies, Ourselves: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Parent. Her previous blog was unfortunately hacked, so this is her current blog home.

Oficio de Antropólogos
El espacio para la ciencia antropológica, su difusión en un contexto moderno, con mirada hacia el pasado para entonces proyectar al futuro. Oficio de Antropólogos proviene del tintero del Dr. Eduar do González Múñiz, investigador de la historia de esta disciplina. Estos audioblogs en formato podcast, están dirigidos al público general y estudiosos.

Perspectives in Anthropology – Open-Access Anthropological Publications
Perspectives in Anthropology, is a new online publication series launched in 2014. The series specializes in articles in any field of Social Anthropology which are available online as open-access and free-to-read. All publications in the series are evaluated by an open-source, peer-review process.

This Anthropological Life – Podcasting Complex Worlds through Public Conversations
We use our training to show how complex our world truly is and how that’s a beautiful thing. We expose injustices by revealing often hidden assumptions in everyday language, technology use, or body gestures. We are driven by the values of increasing social consciousness, acceptance and promotion of diversity, honest inquiry, and promote these in an inclusive, entertaining way.

Upward Anthropology Research Community
In 1972, Laura Nader called for anthropologists to “study up” – to turn the ethnographic gaze on the people, sites, and practices of power. With the creation of this community, we hope to provide resources, advice, information, and other forms of support to anthropologists who are currently or are interested in beginning this practice.

Anthropology Blogs Update! – June 2014

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