Anthropology Meetings 2014

American Anthropological Association #AAA2014 Meetings

Anthropology Meetings 2014The 2014 Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association were December 2-7 in Washington D.C. and feature a Searchable Program.

I was a discussant for Anthropology and Storytelling, and I transcribed my discussant remarks Transformational Storytelling Anthropology. I was also very interested in sessions related to teaching my fall 2014 Cultural Anthropology course, like Citizenship Otherwise: More Lessons from the Savage Slot and Questioning the Western Order of Things: The Ontological Turn Viewed from the Caribbean.

Then there were papers related to my 2015 Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology course and my forthcoming co-authored book with Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld, such as Communities and Commodities: Contention and Accommodation.

And I’m always interested in what might contribute to an Introduction to Anthropology, such as the sessions on What is General Anthropology? What is its Future? and Popular Anthropology’s Webs of Significance.

I also attended sessions in search of material to put in an issue of Open Anthropology under the theme of anthropology and climate change, such as the session on Indigenous Experts: The Technopolitics of Recognition in North America.

And not long after the meetings the Global Climate Change Task Force of the AAA released its final report, spurring this issue to the forefront of anthropology: See the follow-up post Annual Review of Anthropology and Climate Change

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